General Information/FAQS

Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten Inc. is a community based preschool where:

  • the same age group and same group of children attend on the same days
  • friendships are created between children and where friendships can also develop between parents
  • a dedicated preschool setting provides an educational program for children aged 3.5 – 5 years of age
  • a 4 year trained early childhood teacher is attached to each group of 20 children with at least 1 other qualified educator
  • educational programs are provided, based on the EYLF, the developmental needs, interests and experience of each child
  • you will find long serving and passionate teachers and educators with vast knowledge and experience
  • a committee comprising of parents whose children attend the Preschool and where community members can also serve on the management committee
  • any surplus funds are invested back into the service because community based preschools are owned and managed by the community where parents are supported in their role of parenting
  • teachers, educators and parents work in partnership with each other to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for each child

When children become adults and parents themselves they often send their children to the same preschool they attended because they want their children to experience the fun, learning and preparation for life and school as they did. Operating within the public school term, Community Based Preschools provide education through play, utilising the Early Years Learning Framework to incorporate learning outcomes for children that include literacy, numeracy, scientific reasoning and the skills children require to live a happy and successful life in today’s society.

CPCK relies on fee payments, funding from Department of Education and occasional fundraising to operate.

CPCK is a Sun Safe Centre recognised by the Cancer Council NSW. This recognition has been achieved through the development and implementation of a comprehensive Sun Smart Policy that meets the guidelines of Cancer Council NSW.

Hours of Operation
We are open from 8.15am – 3.45pm Monday to Friday but are closed on public holidays and during the NSW State school term breaks. We have one pupil free day at the beginning of term one and one at the end of term four.

Getting here
We are located in Hall Avenue, Collaroy Plateau, which is on the 180X/180 bus route with a bus stop at the front of the preschool.  The bus travels from the city along Pittwater Road before heading up to Collaroy Plateau.  We are therefore easily accessible for anyone without a car.  Street parking is available for those travelling by car.

Term Dates 2024

Term 1: Thursday 1st February 2024      –          Friday 12th April 2024

Term 2: Tuesday 30th April 2024           –           Friday 5th July 2024

Term 3: Monday 22nd July 2024            –          Thursday 26th September 2024

Term 4: Monday 14h October 2024       –           Thursday 19th December 2024

Pupil Free Days:

Term 1: – Tuesday 30th January 2024 & Wednesday 31st January 2024

Term 2 – Monday 29th April 2024

Term 3 – Friday 27th September 2024

Term 4 – Friday 20th December 2024


Kindergarten program for 2024

2 day group – Monday/Tuesday, or Thursday/Friday

3 day group – Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, or Wednesday-Thursday-Friday

Can I pick which days?
When offering spots, we will offer you whatever groups we have available and parents can choose which group they would like their child to attend.  All children attend for either 2 days or 3 days. Separate days cannot be selected.

How old are the children when they attend?
The children attend the year before they are eligible to go to school. Children need to be turning 4 by the 31st July to attend in that year. Children who turn 4 after 31st July attend the following year. Some children do come for 2 years if they are born in Feb-July and the family feels the children would benefit from another year at preschool. Priority will be given to children who must go to school the following year.

Does it matter where I live?
Families do not need to live in the catchment area to attend our preschool.

Number of Placements
We have 80 children enrolled at the kindergarten each week. 20 children attend Monday and Tuesday. 20 children attend Monday to Wednesday. 20 children attend Wednesday to Friday. 20 children attend Thursday and Friday.

Fees for 2024 are $60 per day for ‘eligible’ children.  In addition, ‘Fee Relief/Affordable Preschool’ funding provided by the Department of Education for 2 days per week for 2024 is available for families who have completed a Fee Declaration advising they will claim the Fee Relief from our preschool. Fees for these families are $17 per day for 2 days per week.  Those children who attend for 3 days are required to pay  $17 per day for 2 days and $60 for the third day.  Families who have not completed a Declaration Form, or who have indicated that they will claim the Fee Relief at another centre, will pay $60 per day for all days of attendance.

Our funding agreement with Department of Education requires us to firstly offer spots to those children eligible to go to school the following year. If vacancies remain after all 4 year old children have been offered a position at our kindergarten, positions will then be offered to 3 year old children but with a higher fee for children turning 4 after 31st July who are not from families with a Low Income Health Care Card, Pension Card or who are not from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.  The fees for these families are higher as the NSW State Government funds 3 year olds at 50% of the 4 year old funding.

(4 yr old children means those children turning 4 by 31st July in the year of attendance.  3 yr old children means those children turning 4 after 31st July but before 31st December in the year of attendance).

We receive additional funding for children whose family holds a Low Income Health Care Card, Pension Card or whose heritage is from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.  Fee relief is available for these families.

Am I eligible for any Childcare Subsidy?
CPCK is a preschool and is funded by the NSW State Government. Families attending a preschool such as our service cannot claim any Childcare Subsidy.  The Childcare Subsidy is only available for families using an approved service such as Long Day Care facilities who are federally funded.

How can I pay my fees?
A deposit of $500 is paid the year prior to a child starting at the preschool. This is refunded at the end of the Preschool year and goes toward term 4 fees. If a child leaves prior to the end of the year, a minimum of 4 weeks’ written notice is required before the deposit is refunded. If your child stays for 2 years, then the deposit is held until the end of their final year at Kindergarten.

Fees are paid by the term either in full or in 2 instalments. We accept payment by cash, cheque, credit card, debit card or internet banking. (Charges apply for card payments).

How do I place my child on a waitlist?
Children’s names can be placed on a waitlist from birth. Please click here to go to our Enrolment page where you can either complete the Application Form online; or download the form which can then be forwarded to us via scanning and emailing, posting to us or dropping the form into us. There is a non-refundable $50 application fee payable to put your child’s name on our waitlist.

Can I have a tour of the centre?
We encourage families to visit the preschool where we can show you what we offer, explain what we do and answer any questions you may have.  We ask that parents ring beforehand to make a time to visit.

What do children need to bring each day?
Parents provide all meals. Morning tea is to be provided in a separate container to lunch. We have a no nuts and no eggs policy. Please do not send any foods that contain nuts (including muesli bars, peanut butter, nutella. Please also do not send egg sandwiches or boiled eggs. Products that contain eggs are OK.  If any children attend with other life threatening allergies to food, those products will also be excluded on the days in which the child attends.

  • Morning tea in a small lunch box (No nuts or eggs)
  • Lunch in a lunch box (No nuts or eggs) Lunch is stored in a fridge so you can send items that need refrigeration like ham, cheese, yoghurt. Fresh food known as ‘nude food’ is preferred. Nude food uses reusable containers and takes care of the children’s health as well as their world.
  • Drink bottle filled only with water
  • Backpack with spare clothes (top/bottom/underwear)

We promote healthy eating and ask that you do not send coloured popcorn,chocolate, lollies, LCM’s, roll-ups, etc.

We encourage children to drink water throughout the day. We ask parents to bring a BPA free or stainless steel drink bottle filled with water in the morning.  Staff will fill the bottle through the day as needed.

While we do not have a sleep time, we do have quiet time after lunch. Lights are turned off and quiet activities only are available. Activities may  include relaxation activities, yoga, stories, books, drawing, puzzles etc.

Some parents like their children to have a sleep and we set up a separate area with mattresses for those children.

What will my child do during the day?
We have a play based curriculum where children learn through play. Through play, children learn to socialise, to regulate their emotions, to take responsibility for their belongings and personal needs, to focus their attention and develop listening skills in addition to numeracy and literacy skills and understandings.

Details of the children’s day and time schedules are displayed in the classroom.

Generally, one group of children start inside and one group starts outside. These groups change over at approximately 11.00am, with both classes being inside from 1.30pm until home time with maybe a group time outdoors in the afternoon. There is a two week roster for outdoor starting times to minimize the time spent outdoors during the hottest part of the day. This roster system has been designed in collaboration with the Cancer Council.

What type of behaviour management is used at the kindergarten?
We understand it is part of children’s natural development to sometimes behave in ways that is not appropriate. We believe this is a time for adults to support and guide them. In any group there will be some conflict and preschool children are learning many skills to resolve conflict.

  • Teachers set limits and boundaries and discuss these with the children
  • Appropriate behaviour is role modelled, encouraged and acknowledged
  • Genuine choices are given
  • Role-plays, discussions, puppets and stories are experiences where children can learn appropriate ways of dealing with conflict
  • Teachers support children to enter play appropriately
  • Teacher’s model the right way, repeat the same messages often
  • Teachers help children develop their self control and their own capability of making the right decisions about behaviour

Does the service cater for children with additional needs?
CPCK aims to cater for all children’s needs. We have an additional staff member in each classroom to allow for greater interaction with all children. Teachers and educators implement inclusive experiences and practices. Please contact the Director if you would like to discuss your child’s needs.

What is the Staff:Child ratio?
Each class has a full time Early Childhood Teacher and a Diploma in Children’s Services educator as well as a Certificate 111 in Childcare educator who is present for 4.5 hours per day. There are first aid, anaphylaxis and asthma qualified staff on the premises at all times. Staff to child ratios are above what is required.

CPCK is managed by a parent committee consisting of a minimum of 10% of the current parents numbers (or a minimum of 8 parents). The committee and staff work together in accordance with a Code of Ethics and National Quality Standards set by The Australian Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). We also abide by the Education and Care Regulations and The National Law governing children’s services. Our committee members are elected into office at our Annual General Meeting.

The kindergarten relies on the support and involvement of the committee with all parents encouraged to consider becoming a committee member. We rely on parent support for a number of social events and fundraising ventures. We appreciate our families and Preschool community greatly because without them we could not continue to operate.

Is there a uniform?
At Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten children are free to wear their own clothes.  However, we do issue each child with a kindy hat for outside play and a kindy t-shirt.  The Kindergarten also has additional t-shirts with the kindy logo available for purchase.

Code of Ethics

Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten acknowledges that we are located on the land of the First Nations people, possibly the Gayamaygal clan. But because the people from this area were displaced and their culture hidden, their history has been lost.

We sincerely pay our respects to past, present and future elders and ancestors of the Gayamygal and continue to share our sorrow about such painful history and we pledge to stand together with respect and the common goal of protecting the land and all of her inhabitants.


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