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Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten is located in Collaroy Plateau on Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches. At the time of European settlement the Northern Beaches was the traditional home of the First Nations people. We acknowledge and respect the values and customs of the First Nations people who are the traditional custodians of this land whereupon Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten is situated. We pay our respects to the elders both past and present and welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people to our Preschool.

At CPCK, we accept the responsibility of developing an awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal history and culture and the diversity of the many cultures found within the Preschool community which, we believe, strengthens and enriches our lives and the lives of our children.


Our Story

CPCK offers a play-based, child-initiated preschool curriculum across three key environments. We provide a social environment that fosters a strong sense of community and belonging, an emotional environment that is beautifully nurturing and a physical environment that is natural and inspiring.

We provide care and learning under the unique community-managed, not-for-profit service delivery model. Community management facilitates child-centered decision making that compliments and reflects the local community. There is a strong sense of connection for families as CPCK nurtures relationships and networks that support children through the transition to school and society.

The sense of community at CPCK is enhanced by its over 60-year history of caring for Northern Beaches preschoolers. Many families continue to open the CPCK doors across multiple generations.

Children attend on the same days each week, interacting with the same classmates and teachers. Our long-established teachers are experienced, passionate, energetic and dedicated. In this social context, children are able to develop a sense of belonging that extends outside of the family unit. Their experiences are meaningful, their independence grows and they develop ownership of their learning.

We provide two-day and three-day programs for children aged 3.5 – 5 years at our location of Hall Avenue, Collaroy Plateau. Application is free and can be made online. We invite families to visit our preschool and experience first-hand the unique learning environment we have created for our children.

Our preschool is on the  L80/180 bus route with a bus stop at the front of the preschool.  The bus travels from the city along Pittwater Road before heading up to Collaroy Plateau.  We are therefore easily accessible for anyone without a car who is travelling from the city, Dee Why, or anywhere on Collaroy Plateau.  Street parking is available as well.

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We would like to thank Northern Beaches Council for their continued support of Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten through the provision of the Preschool building premises and property. Northern Beaches Council and Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten continue to work in partnership with each other to uphold a long standing community service that continues to provide to the local community since 1954 in the form of preschool Education and Care.

Enrol now –

  • Preschool education for your child in the year prior to school
  • Long standing, highly experienced and qualified teachers and educators
  • Friendly families who will welcome you as part of the Preschool community
  • The same children attend the same days in the same class with the same teachers
  • Subsidies available for 3 and 4 year old children for families with a Low Income Health Care Card and children from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background

Phone us to organise a tour – 9982 6167


Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten acknowledges that we are located on the land of the First Nations people, possibly the Gayamaygal clan. But because the people from this area were displaced and their culture hidden, their history has been lost.

We sincerely pay our respects to past, present and future elders and ancestors of the Gayamygal and continue to share our sorrow about such painful history and we pledge to stand together with respect and the common goal of protecting the land and all of her inhabitants.


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