Feedback from our parents in 2016

I wanted to say how happy we are that Dexter has a place in CPCK. He’s really taken to it…coming home singing songs he has learnt & he seems very relaxed and happy. I’m so grateful to the staff that this new phase in his life has begun so well. It is a huge relief for me. Vanessa

We’ve just been looking at the learning records. It’s lovely to see what April has been up to and she seems to be really happy at kindy and she always talks about her teachers.  Tracy


Feedback from our parents in 2015
I cannot be more grateful for Lachlan’s year at CPCK. He has started this year at primary school so prepared, so independently & so maturely. I am blown away. And I believe it is not just because of the gorgeous, intuitive little person he is.. we have so much to be thankful for at CPCK. Just how the teachers and educators taught him & guided him throughout last year in preparation of his big leap into primary school is really paying off now. Anna


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Evie and mum
‘With so many fun activities and new friends, Evie loves every minute of her days at Kindy and returns home with beautiful craft, singing new songs and telling new stories” – Jo (Evie’s mum)
Callum playing trains with Mum
“Callum loves kindy, especially the warm welcome on arrival. And as parents we love the community feel and handson involvement in his early education.” – Jen (Callum’s mum)
Jo and Leo
“I really believe that community preschool gives Leo the very best preparation for school – and for life.”- Jo (Leo’s mum) — “My son attends this kindy and he LOVES it. This is a not for profit preschool which is run by a management committee of parents, which ensures the children’s interests are always the most important consideration. I believe it is an excellent preparation for school and really makes our family feel part of the community as parents can get involved with events like harmony day and family picnics at the kindy. I would recommend Collaroy Plateau Community Kindy for those looking for a warm, caring and rich learning experience for their child. Oh, and the garden is fantastic! Go and have a look!” Courtesy of Jo Ramdeen 2013


  • “There’s a real sense of belonging here and I‘ve broken from tradition by moving to Bilgola… as I came here as a child and so did my son…” – Lindal Hansen


    • “From my peers I’d heard how good CPCK is for early childhood education. Now after experiencing it myself with our child enrolled here, I am certainly very happy and satisfied. I’ll definitely pass this message around for the benefit of other families with young kids” – 2013 parent


    • “Nothing but positive thoughts about our kindy, will be sad to leave this year. All my 4 children have had an amazing time at CPCK’ – 2013 parent


    • “I think the centre provides a nurturing and welcoming atmosphere and looks at each child as an individual and caters for their individual needs. I could not recommend CPCK highly enough. The staff are all outstanding and this is reflected in our extremely happy children who would be very happy to be able to come everyday- even weekends!”- 2013 parent


    • “What a wonderful preschool! My son has been extremely happy at CPCK after being quite clingy with me at home. I’m sure he has made life-long play friends. All the teachers are professional, caring and can bring out the best in the children. Most of the staff have been teaching at CPCK for years. The preschool program is educational play based learning and there is lots of variety. It has a lovely community feel and there is opportunity for parental input if you have the time. I can’t wait for my daughter to experience CPCK next year.” Courtesy of Deborah Smith 2013


    • “Fantastic community-based preschool, run by qualified, committed and caring staff. My daughter loves going to CPCK.” Courtesy of Sarah R 2013


  • “I have my 2nd child at Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten and am once again very happy with the care my child receives. The same teachers are there that my first son had 6 years ago. They are still as passionate and brilliant as they were back then. They take the time to identify each child’s strengths and build on them. They also assist in areas to improve the children’s social and learning skills. I am once again very happy as is my child with the kindy.” Courtesy of Julie Hatziioannou 2013


    • “I can only highly recommend this centre. My daughter went for two years and still talks about her favourite teacher. My son has been there for a year and is on his last year before school, and I am seriously contemplating having another baby just so I can send him/her here 🙂 The staff are all lovely, warm, loving and caring, friendly and personal. Pretty much zero staff turn-over, they have all been there forever. Lovely nature outdoor area. Only complaint I have, is that the kids are not allowed to stay until they start high school… Other than that, I cannot fault this place or the staff. And the children would all 100% agree on that.” Courtesy of Emilie Pettersson 2013


Have a look at the Care for Kids website for some of the above testimonials… http://www.careforkids.com.au/pre-school/2097

Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten recognises the importance of acknowledging the history of the Indigenous Australians who belong to the Guringai language group who lived and are living in the Warringah area.

We acknowledge and respect the values and customs of the traditional owners of this land. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future for they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hope of Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal people have lived here for thousands of years, raising and teaching their children. We extend our hand in friendship as we walk together on this land.
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