Kylie 2022 From day 1 Elliot has come home singing and teaching us new things that he has learnt and experienced at Kindy. Randomly throughout the week he will remember something and stop us to tell us about an activity he did the week before. Making such an impact already. Thank you!!

Emily 2022 Alfie is loving kindy. He’s never really been a fan of long daycare since he was 1yr old so we weren’t sure how he’d settle but he absolutely loves it and really looks forward to coming on Monday and Tuesday.

Meghan 2022 Such a beautiful setting with wonderful caring educators ❤️ Dylan is loving every minute & only wants to go more often! We feel very lucky to be a part of the CPCK community. Thank you for all that you do!!☺️

Natalie 2022 Wonderful as always, he loves preschool so much! ❤

Rosina 2022  So fun and creative!

Bo 2022 My little one is so happy going there, she absolutely loves all the educators! Thank you for creating such a beautiful place for all the kids!

Melissa 2022 Such an amazing kindy xxx

Karen 2022 Thank you Amazing Educators! Amelia ABSOLUTELY loves CPCK! She is so happy there and is already coming out of her shell… her big brothers wish they could come back!

Iona 2022 Amazing experience as always from the top down. My little one is still settling in to what is a very new and different routine for her. The wonderful educators have helped with this thank you ?

Shelley 2022 Our girl is absolutely loving her days there! She gets excited when it’s a kindy day, and sad when it’s not. It’s unreal ❤️

Laura 2022 It so is the best kindy! Ryan absolutely loved it! All the teachers are beyond fantastic!

Lulu 2022 Best kindy! Seriously.

Alex 2021 At CPCK it feels like you are a part of a community of friends. Susan, Jane and all of the other educators are professional, friendly and welcoming and show a genuine interest in each child’s needs, interests and strengths. They have a strong focus on making connections with families as well as bringing families together. They provide an interesting, engaging program including education about environmental sustainability and a beautiful, natural outdoor play space for children to explore. It is reassuring as a parent to know that my daughter is happy and engaged every day and that we, as a family, feel welcome to be a part of her preschool experience.

Parent 2021 Outstanding early learning with magnificent teachers making every day of learning meaningful and fun. The sense of community and inclusion is second to none with Susan and the ever-giving staff always with a smile greeting you and radiating warmth. Thank you!!

Parent 2021 CPCK is a warm and friendly preschool. My child has grown so much as an individual in an environment where he is valued and is comfortable.

Parent 2021 Highly recommended pre-school focusing on child lead play in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Parent 2021 Thank you for all the wonderful work you do with the children and families. I feel like CPCK is raising a generation that will be educated, empathetic, aware, and independent. The Educators are fantastic. They are dedicated, engaged, caring, respectful, intelligent, experienced and so much more. My daughter often comes home telling me about the interesting things she has learned. The Educators are also positive role models which has such a big impact on the children. Recently my daughter told me she wanted to clean up the beach just like Susan does. One thing I really appreciate about CPCK is that the focus is still play based and the children are immersed in a wonderful, creative, child-led world.

Parents 2021 We are both absolutely loving the experience at CPCK – both for our daughter as a learner, for us as community members. We feel as though our child is strongly supported by exceptional educators who truly care about her learning and interests.

Rachel 2020 We feel truly grateful that our child was able to be part of the CPCK family for the last year. The preschool goes above and beyond in ensuring the children are able to thrive in their preschool environment and it is obvious how much the educators care for our children – they really couldn’t be in better hands.

Parent 2020 We  are very grateful that we  have been part an amazing  preschool, CPCK. The atmosphere  is fun, friendly and  loving and all the teacher are very caring. Our son loves the school and he asks everyday if it’s school day. Not once in last year did he say that he would rather not go to school.

Sanna & Brett 2020 The focus on social skills, learning through the play, art and music has made our son more confident little boy. It has been great support and community for our family, can’t thank enough.

Kristen 2019 CPCK has been the perfect choice in Early Education provider for my two sons. The Preschool’s educators created an environment and experience that helped grow, develop and nurture their individual personalities and abilities, enabling them to become the best young people they could be. They left their Preschool years behind them as caring, independent, confident young boys ready to take on the challenges of big school.

Belinda & Luke 2019 We are absolutely delighted with the education, care, and encouragement our daughter received while attending CPCK. All of the staff are thoroughly committed to nurturing every child and helping them develop into happy, thriving little beings.

Kacey 2019 “My son had the best year at CPCK. The staff are all so dedicated, friendly and nurturing. Every morning my son would happily wave me goodbye because he either couldn’t wait to join in the new and interesting-looking classroom activity or play in the huge outdoor back yard. I can not rate this pre-school highly enough”.

Natalie 2019 My son has absolutely thrived in his 2 years at CPCK. He has learnt so much & the staff are all so kind & nurturing, it feels like family. I honestly couldn’t recommend CPCK more highly, we love it!

Dani 2019 CPCK has been a great support and community to our family for 3 straight years with our 2 children. The teachers and staff are all fantastic at what they do, and are welcoming, encouraging, and so attentive to the individual needs of the children in their care. My children have had so much fun and made strong friendships that move with them to starting school. We will miss this place!

Amber 2019 CPCK is a remarkable preschool. Every child is nurtured, feels welcome and their journey of learning begins through playing and daily adventures. The teachers are passionate, caring and you can easily see that they adore being with the children.
‘The natural outdoor play areas at CPCK are incredible. Our daughter loves exploring in the gardens, cooking mud pies in the outdoor kitchen and watering the veggies. The emphasis that is placed on sustainability and caring for our environment is wonderful!’
‘As parents we could not have hoped for a better start to our child’s learning journey. The teachers have always been inviting and create a wonderful sense of belonging. The communication between preschool and home is outstanding and we always felt informed about our daughters progress and needs.’

Caroline & Sandy 2019 We highly recommend CPCK- the educators offer a stimulating and supportive environment for the children. Our son loved his time at Pre school and found it so interesting and educational. He is ready for school and that is thanks to the efforts of all at CPCK. It offers a wide variety of areas and attractions for the kids to play, learn and discover. Thank you to all of the CPCK team for your help and support- we are very grateful.

Victoria 2019 My son had a very positive experience at CPCK, he was encouraged to take on a big brother role as he was one of the eldest in his class for which he thrived. The teachers inspired his love of mathematics, art and science. He loved going every single day.

Min 2019 Leonardo said he had three best teachers and he will miss them very much 🙂

Alice 2019 We feel very fortunate to have had both our children experience preschool at CPCK within the last two years. The individual care and support our children have received has been outstanding and their learning journeys have been so exciting to observe. The staff have exceeded my expectations in terms of their understanding of my children and also in their help and appreciation of our evolving roles as parents.

Jen 2019 We have had the pleasure of both my girls attending CPCK over the past 4 years. We are so grateful to have found such a nurturing, warm and wonderful place to start off our girls in their education journey. The gorgeous staff, classrooms and playgrounds are awesome and we will miss getting to see everyone now that both girls are starting school.

Kassie 2019 We have loved being part of the CPCK family and watching our son grow in so many ways. He is always racing to get out the door on ‘kindy days’ and really looks forward to what the day will bring and what he will learn.

Gemma 2019 Our daughter had had the most wonderful 2 years at CPCK. It is a preschool like no other with it’s incredible outdoor area, imaginative play based activities and care for the environment. But what really makes this preschool special is the amazing educators. Each educator makes your child (and you) feel a part of the family. We will miss you all greatly!

Sally 2018 Collaroy Community Kindy encompasses a 360 degree approach to enriching, educating and motivating each individual student. They place importance on developing children’s uniqueness which puts them in good positioning to find their place in the world before commencing school. My child, Issey has had the most wonderful time at CPCK. The community and sense of belonging the kindy creates is second to none, as a parent I could not be happier in my choice.

Teneile 2018 What a wonderful Community Preschool CPCK is. It’s so nice as a parent to know your child is in such a beautiful, nurturing & supportive environment. My daughter is off to big school next year and we are so delighted she is able to spend her last year at CPCK, forming special friendships & thriving in every aspect. The educators are just amazing, their hard work and dedication to the children is evident in their learning and development. Our daughter is always so excited to tell us about her day at Preschool.

Marketa 2018 My daughter Nataly been there second year and I can’t explain how beautiful, organised, fun this daycare is. She is learning every day more and more . Teachers are amazing, outside area is awesome. I try 4 different daycare and nothing is as great as this one. Thank you for all your hard work ladies.

Cally 2018 I adore this Kindy. Run by professionals who genuinely love their job and making an impact in their community from the bottom up! Classes are small, have appropriate structure and loads of play. The back yard is an absolute wonderland for children. I highly recommend CPCK. Our family has loved every minute of being a part of this kindergarten.

Morgan 2018 Excellent Community Kindergarten with amazing Garden and caring educators.

Vanessa 2016 I wanted to say how happy we are that Dexter has a place in CPCK. He’s really taken to it…coming home singing songs he has learnt & he seems very relaxed and happy. I’m so grateful to the staff that this new phase in his life has begun so well. It is a huge relief for me.

Tracy 2016 We’ve just been looking at the learning records. It’s lovely to see what April has been up to and she seems to be really happy at kindy and she always talks about her teachers.

Luke 2016 My daughter thrived in the loving, structured environment , even a nervous dad received some care. I am privileged to write this review.

Anna 2015 I cannot be more grateful for Lachlan’s year at CPCK. He has started this year at primary school so prepared, so independently & so maturely. I am blown away. And I believe it is not just because of the gorgeous, intuitive little person he is.. we have so much to be thankful for at CPCK. Just how the teachers and educators taught him & guided him throughout last year in preparation of his big leap into primary school is really paying off now.

Have a look at the Care for Kids website for some of the above testimonials…  https://www.careforkids.com.au/child-care/900z4/collaroy-plateau-community-kindergarten-2097 


Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten acknowledges that we are located on the land of the First Nations people, possibly the Gayamaygal clan. But because the people from this area were displaced and their culture hidden, their history has been lost.

We sincerely pay our respects to past, present and future elders and ancestors of the Gayamygal and continue to share our sorrow about such painful history and we pledge to stand together with respect and the common goal of protecting the land and all of her inhabitants.


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