School Readiness

 School readiness occurs all of the time at CPCK

Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten has been licensed as a Preschool since 1954. It continues to offer an early education and care dedicated Preschool program for 80 children across each week. CPCK is a not for profit organisation managed by a volunteer parent management committee. Partial funding is received from the Department of Education under the Children’s services program.

The same aged children attend the same days at the same time from 8.15am-3.45pm with the same staff. Shorter hours of attendance and alignment with public school terms helps facilitate transition to school and the development of strong friendships that often last for many years for both children and parents. Children at CPCK often continue on to attend the same schools with their Preschool peers.

CPCK maintains connections with local schools and by working in partnership with local schools and parents/families, relationships between families and staff are facilitated. Opportunities for connecting with families are valued and therefore social activities are organised accordingly.

There is a consistent team of three teaching staff for each group. Teachers and Educators at CPCK range in qualification from holding an Early Childhood Teaching Degree, a Diploma in Children’s services or a Certificate 111 in Children’s services.

Staff work in collaboration with other professionals where needed to ensure each child achieves to the best of their ability. Teachers and Educators use the Early Years Learning Framework for planning and documentation with the Preschool curriculum being transient, flexible and structured to cater to each child’s needs, interests, experiences and strengths. Numeracy and Literacy, Science, Music, Movement and Drama are areas of the curriculum that form the basis of the play based educational program. Through play, learning becomes meaningful which in turn assists every child in becoming self-initiating and motivated learners.

CPCK’s educational program is based on the developmental needs, interests and experience of each child. Children learn the most while having fun and play is always fun- this is where the most learning occurs and can be consolidated. Therefore as an example, numeracy and literacy learning is integrated and introduced as children engage in play.

Skills that many parents associate with school readiness such as writing, reading, identifying numbers and letters, learning how to count, being able to listen and contribute to conversation are all the skills that form the basis of our Preschool program. They are not taught in isolation of the skills listed below, rather they are integrated into everyday living and learning. The following list demonstrates the skills required for children to be ready to attend school and the dispositions they need for a happy and confident life.

A preschool experience:

  • Empowers children to think, explore, question, wonder and learn how to learn;
  • Supports children’s intellectual and language development and communication skills;
  • Offers children consistent, experienced, qualified educators to support their learning and development;
  • Improves children’s ability to think, problem solve and reason as they enter school;
  • Develops social and emotional maturity and the ability to relate well to peers and adults, solve conflicts,
    play co-operatively and be assertive; and
  • Provides a solid platform for life-long learning and education.


Preschools are:

  • Fun places to be, with varied, exciting experiences planned to meet the needs and interests of children;
  • A context to build social connections between families and the community; and
  • A source of professional information that supports parenting.



Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten acknowledges that we are located on the land of the First Nations people, possibly the Gayamaygal clan. But because the people from this area were displaced and their culture hidden, their history has been lost.

We sincerely pay our respects to past, present and future elders and ancestors of the Gayamygal and continue to share our sorrow about such painful history and we pledge to stand together with respect and the common goal of protecting the land and all of her inhabitants.


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