We welcome visitors to the Kindergarten as children learn so much more than could ever be documented through observation, conversation and participation. During the year, a number of excursions take place, as well as visits from special groups, to further aid the educational program being presented to the children.

Visitors have included paid entertainers, parents and community members.

Previous Excursions have included:
• A walk to the post office
• Visits to a local aged care facility

Visitors to our Kindergarten have explored:
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
• Australian wildlife
• Insects
• Reptiles
• African drumming
• Story telling
• Cooking
• Craft making
• NSW Fire Brigade
• A Paramedic
• NSW Police

Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten recognises the importance of acknowledging the history of the Indigenous Australians who belong to the Guringai language group who lived and are living in the Warringah area.

We acknowledge and respect the values and customs of the traditional owners of this land. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future for they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hope of Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal people have lived here for thousands of years, raising and teaching their children. We extend our hand in friendship as we walk together on this land.
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