Management Committee

Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten is a community based not for profit preschool that requires a Management Committee for it to operate. This committee consists of elected members, mainly parents whose children attend the kindergarten. We also invite members from the community who are interested in the management of the Preschool to become a member of the committee to contribute to continuity. There are 4 office bearer positions and 7 Ordinary Committee Members on the Management Committee. In addition, interested parties can elect to take on a role as a general member on the committee. The committee makes decisions which can be of a legal, financial, employment, policy or social nature as required. The committee meets once per month in the evenings and are responsible for the business operations of the Kindergarten.

Nomination for the Management Committee are welcome.  Forms can be obtained from the preschool office or downloaded here:   Nomination Form for Management Committee

President – Craig Atkinson

Vice President – Jon Scotland

Secretary – Sian O’Shea

Treasurer – Viktor Zalums

Staff Liaison Officer – Tara Szkudlarek

Social Co-ordinator – Ashleigh Manion

Policies & Procedures Officer – Vacant

Maintenance Officer – Chris Pittham

W H & S Officer – Sophie Murray

Environmental Officer – Jaclyn Fathers

Marketing Officer – Vacant

General Members – Kate Ford, Tom Elkins, Michael Ter-Horst


Insights from Management Committee Members

What did I achieve this year as a Management Committee member?

Rachel 2020 A greater appreciation for how the preschool is run and other parent perspectives. It was an interesting year given Covid 19 and so I feel that we were able to achieve a strong balance of keeping the children safe and secure whilst supporting families and staff through the pandemic and their individual situations.

Kristen 2020 Contributing to the decisions and rules governing the preschool relating to pandemics and COVID19.

Alice 2019 A sense of satisfaction in completing my specific tasks.  I had a practical contribution to CPCK.  I achieved a greater understanding of how CPCK operates and on a personal level, how a management Committee works.

Kristen 2019 Helped contribute to various projects and events, specifically changing the days of operation for the classes.  This was a fun project that I felt proud of.

Beck 2018 Fostering a collaborative and flexible environment.


What skills did I gain from my role on the Management Committee?

Rachel 2020 Ability to look at scenarios from various points of view and make emotionally intelligent decisions.

Kristen 2020 Leadership, teamwork, negotiation, being part of a committee.

Amber 2020 That collegiate and group decision making is the best way to resolve issues.

Katie 2019 Insight into a charitable business operation.

Amber 2019 An insight into the running and management of the Committee.  More understanding of EYLF, HR Issues and processes.

Alice 2019 I gained greater organisational and time management skills.  I feel more able to speak and offer my opinions in a Management Committee setting than I did at the beginning.  I have been able to see more clearly how all the roles within CPCK work together to achieve a variety of outcomes.  I feel more skilled in proof reading/reviewing.

Kristen 2019 Networking and teamwork.

Wendy 2019 Insight into the different levels of education required for each staff member and their different roles in the classroom.

Beck 2018 The understanding of what committee community management responsibilities are.


What else did I gain from taking on a role on the Management Committee?

Rachel 2020 Stronger connections with other parents . A voice on many different topics that I would otherwise have overlooked.

Kristen 2020 I loved being a part of the CPCK community.  Having a say also in important decisions relating to the preschool my children went to was invaluable.  It felt good to give back.

Alice 2019 I really gained a sense of contributing to my local community and of doing something positive and useful with my time.  I felt more connected with my child’s education and like I had made a special effort to ensure her year and the years to come for others are meaningful and effective.

Kristen 2019 Sense of responsibility and contribution to the community.

Wendy 2019 Insight into decisions behind all things at kindy.  Able to give my input into these decisions. Friends and laughs on a Tuesday night meeting. Night out with no kids 🙂

Marije 2018 More understanding of how a community organisation works.  More involvement in the preschool.  More knowledge on what it takes to keep the community kindy going.  An appreciation of what the staff do on a daily basis plus feeling part of the preschool community.

Beck 2018 Increased understanding of all the nuts and bolts.


Testimonials from the Management Committee members

Rachel 2020 It has been an interesting 12 months as a member of the Management Committee during a pandemic but the challenges we faced allowed for a much greater understanding of how the preschool is run and an opportunity to really recognise the contribution of our Educators and the important role the preschool has in keeping our children safe. It has been a great learning experience and a chance to connect with parents on another level.

Amber 2020 I have really enjoyed my time on the Management Committee.  I underestimated how much influence and control we had over some major decision concerning the preschool. So, I was happy to have so many wonderful parents on the Management Committee who could provide valuable insight and recommendations ensuring the preschool is run in the best way possible.

Amber 2019 I gained a great sense of belonging and a feeling of pride that assisted the Management Committee to implement new processes and support the running of CPCK.  New friendships and better understanding of what’s happening at CPCK.





Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten acknowledges that we are located on the land of the First Nations people, possibly the Gayamaygal clan. But because the people from this area were displaced and their culture hidden, their history has been lost.

We sincerely pay our respects to past, present and future elders and ancestors of the Gayamygal and continue to share our sorrow about such painful history and we pledge to stand together with respect and the common goal of protecting the land and all of her inhabitants.


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